Ji Conference Teachathon
2014 Teachathon at the University of Maryland


J/i Teachathon 2017

Friday, Oct. 20;  4 p.m. — 6:30 p.m.

Presenters Include:

Marie Gilot, director of CUNY J+ workshops, will present info on a pilot class at CUNY that aims to infuse design thinking into newsroom product development.

Aleszu Bajak, adjunct professor at Northeastern University’s School of Journalism, on a digital storytelling card game that marries the tools of digital storytelling with the techniques of the collaborative design process.

Robin Blom, graduate director (journalism) and assistant professor of journalism, Ball State University, on teaching media analytics in an immersive-learning class. The class worked with a professional client, Visit Indy.

Kevin Blackistone, professor of the practice at UMD’s Merrill College, and columnist/commentator for The Washington Post and ESPN’s “Around the Horn,” will address teaching racial sensitivity in sports coverage.

Jeremy Caplan, director of Education for the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, will describe how he starts journalism classes with interactive games and exercises to engage students in active learning. He’ll share time-tested games along with tips and tricks for using them.

Deborah Potter, executive director of Newslab in Washington, who is heading to the University of Montana for the spring to a visiting professorship, on verification tools for reporting, including Pipl, some plugins for location searching, and more.

Jack Rosenberry, a journalism professor at St. John Fisher College, will share his lesson on verifying images using Google reverse image search and perhaps other image verification tools for mobile.

Jeff South, associate professor and director of undergraduate studies at VCU’s Robertson School of Media and Culture, will show how to create seven essential graphics using free data visualization tools.

Michael O’Connor, a Federal News Radio digital journalist, American University adjunct instructor and author of “Turn up the Volume — A Down and Dirty Guide to Podcasting,” will give a beginner’s guide to podcasting, including guidelines for projects that work and equipment and software that are needed.

Lisa Tossey, who is joining Salisbury University’s environmental sciences faculty in the fall, will discuss “multitasking multimedia” — teaching journalism students and faculty to use the 360-degree space to explain science with VR, videos and photos. Lisa will also discuss her work with Delaware Sea Grant having scientists explain their work in 15-second videos suitable for Instagram.

Mary Kay McFarland, teaching assistant professor, Reed College of Media, West Virginia University, on using Verse Video to share and collaborate on classroom projects.

Thom Lieb, professor of journalism and new media at Towson University, will share his YouTube playlist on the history of digital news.

Ingrid Sturgis, associate professor specializing in new media at Howard University’s Department of Media, Journalism and Film, will talk about the challenges of teaching media literacy to digital natives who think they know it all. She has made the class more interactive, and students have done research on the reach of social media to various professions.

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